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The prototype






Sorry, there isn’t one. This is a “could have been” structure, more or less following the types that were erected during the construction period of the RhB and used for various purposes.












This structure started out as two of the inexpensive Model Power kits representing Alpine ski huts. Judicious cutting and splicing enlarges the building’s length. That corrects the “cute” factor to a large extent.







Patching and filling the extended roof...






same for the walls and the floor ....






as well as the landing on the outside.






Interim result.





Prepping the roof - fill and sand the joint. The parts are never that uniform that this wouldn’t leave tell-tale signs.







Colour test on one side of the roof






Darker colours help to hide the tell-tale signs






Second side











Next are the windows, first they needed to be repainted to a warm wood colour instead of the silvery tone they had. Then there’s the detailed interior ...









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