B2322 Kiss Index

Lightweight Steel Coach with centered entry  (Built 1947)






The builder of the 1:1 coach was SWS (Schweizerische Wagonfabrik Schlieren). Similar construction to the SBB standard gauge coaches of that era.























Changes and Improvements







Buying models in the lower and mid price brackets generally leaves a fair bit of room for changes and improvements to get closer to the 1;1 versions.












With the B2322 it was mostly the interior. The seats in the non-smoking section were changed to the proper green, those in the smokers section to red. The small window tables needed a coat of black with a bit of silver for the steel edges.












The ashtray covers in the tables of the smoking section needed some more silver.












The arm rests were changed to black, the tubing frames of the seats along with the trash cans under the window tables again to silver.






The RhB center buffers needed to go and were replaced with Kadee 1833 couplers.






The passengers are from POLA and Preiser.






A changed appearance with relatively little time and effort.