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These cars were built by Rastatt in 1908, then rebuilt in 1952. Used on the Bernina line and the main system.














© Copyright Claude Jeanmaire  B2075 used as conductor’s home on the main system
















Starting point is LGB’s Murtalbahn car.






LGB 33640










Bashing Action






Strip down to the bare body, chop the enclosed end platforms, remove whatever detail that is on the walls but not on the B 2075.


















Cut the frame of a two axle car - from which we rob the roof - to get two of the one axle swivel pads. Construct the rest of the frame from Styrene sheet to match the dimensions of the LGB frame cross sections.
























For the roof it is best to use two from LGB 33130 to get the correct ends and matching center parts.


I used one LGB 33130 and one LGB 33071 roof, on the silly assumption that the curve would be the same. Not so! A lot of strips needed to be added to the center to come up to the proper end contour. With a lot of filing and sanding to follow.



























To be continued