B 2341-73 EW1 Index

After the first modern series of lightweight cars in 1947/48 - with the entrances located at the center of the car - there followed a lull until the delivery of the first EW1 cars in 1962.


The precursors to these cars were the retrofit cars from 1960 - entrances at the ends of the car.


The EW1 turned out to be the largest series of cars of the same type. Other then the changes of livery and logos they were kept in their original design until 1991.

























EW 1 B built by FFA/SIG














A review of the dimensional accuracy of the LGB item is to follow.






Bashing Action







Dismantled the car to the bare walls, pried the window strips, windows etc from the walls. Cut and trim the walls to the desired length. Produce the drawing for the new strips. 


The new strips - 2 mm styrene - are burned on the laser.

























to be continued