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Small wooden bridge across a mountain stream



















This small bridge is located in the Fex Valley, Grisons; the Fex Valley is a side valley of the Engadine. Notable is the rustic bench right by the bridge.


















It started with a 1:22.5 drawing, even if it isn’t exactly like the prototype, it facilitates the construction.











The material for the base is ready, the dowels were distressed with a hacksaw blade to achieve the texture. Next followed the weathering with alcohol/ink solution.











Building the railing











Assembled base including the railing.











First layer of boards to carry the traffic are layed across the base beams. The boards get fixed in position with round toothpicks (drilled and glued).











Then follow the longitudinal boards of the actual roadway. The holes for the toothpicks are drilled at a slight angle to prevent the boards from lifting.











 Test with an ancient, well worn “VW Bug”











Temporarily on the layout. Missing are the abutments and the supports of the main beams against the creekside.








To be continued