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The inspiration was the narrow bridge over the track at Stugl/Stuls. Rock outcroppings on either side.













































End of January 2010 and no snow!













Styrofoam, coated with tile adhesive and handcarved stone structure.






Cutting the Styrofoam







Cutting arches and straight lines, that are square, in Styrofoam has always been a challenge. A CNC HotWire rig would be ideal, but ...... Next best thing is the Laser we have in the shop, not perfect but a lot better than freehand. Since the bridge is longer than the footprint of the laser the work is split and the laminated layers alternate between left and right joints.


















Then the pieces are glued, stacked, pinned and clamped.




























Location test after adding the stone structure with the a fine-tipped soldering iron (temperature adjustable in a wide range).












Applying the tile adhesive will be next






Lulls in the action are caused by constructing more items that will also require a coat of the tile adhesive. In this case a number of tunnel portals and the walls for the “Heidi” hut
























The primer coat is acryl-latex to give it staying power for the garden. Acrylic art paint is used for the carved stones. Custom mixed to achieve the desired variety.


Installation is planned after the turnouts at Muot are converted to remote control and the planum for the station building is finished.  Target: Spring/Summer 2015.