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ZIMO model 2000  MX1





3 x ZIMO MX31FU, MX31ZL, MX32FU; 2 Smartphones (5”), 2 Phablets (7”)



Train Controller Bronze




























Which DCC system ???






“Seeing is believing” or like they say in Missouri “Show me!”. 


The first DCC control system I saw in operation was on a club layout in Guelph, Ontario. And I wasn’t impressed, too many glitches and not enough club members who knew what was causing them and how to fix them. This was back in the mid ‘80s.


More systems coming on the market meant more choice and any number of different possibilities together with any number of different restrictions, complications and “peculiarities”. But “Seeing is believing” was still the watch word.


Moving to the Okanagan Valley and switching from HOm to IIm (1:22.5) meant a whole different ball game. It was a happy coincidence that we met the importer of the ZIMO line at a business meeting in Kelowna.


Art Lüscher ( www.mrsonline.net ) is not only the importer/distributor for ZIMO in North America, he also has a nice size HO layout that runs fully automatically using ZIMO in conjunction with STP. In short “seeing is believing” and a proper “AHA” moment.


Next it was on to downloading the technical information and the manual from several  manufacturers, then the sorting started. Back then ZIMO was the only producer who offered a clear and logical upgrade, as well as update, path; all of it via the Interner i.e. none of the cumbersome “return it to the factory for an update” routine.


That together with a far superior feature set was the deciding factor. Reading the different fora and the litany of problems that people encountered with product and insufficient customer service provided the final nudge to decide for ZIMO.


Is ZIMO perfect? Is any producer perfect? No, but I by far prefer products that are top notch and service that is prompt and concise. In my opinion with ZIMO both requirements are fulfilled.




A very nice addition/complement to the ZIMO sound decoders are the sound projects that Heinz Däppen configures specifically for ZIMO decoders — http://www.sound-design.white-stone.ch . Perfection for anyone who models RhB (Rhaetian Railway) in whatever scale. They come at a price, but I don’t expect excellence for free.