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So much to select from ......






Depending on the theme of the layout and the scale there is a lot to chose from e.g. I’m always envious of all the items that are available in 1:32 scale; not to mention the smaller scales where there seems to be no end to the selection.


1:22.5 is a different story which means using 1:24 as a compromise, especially where road vehicles are concerned, is almost unavoidable.


Despite that there are ways to arrange things.






For instance the farmer on the old mower. The mower came from Larry G Scale, the repainted horse is a Safari item and the farmer is made by Preiser. What are the scales of the three items? The farmer is 1:22.5, the rest is anyone’s guess, but the combination looks right.  A bit of time and paint was all that it took.




















More of the same or similar examples to follow