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Preparations around Preda





Reaching the end of the elevated portion meant deciding the exact route of the line. The original plan where the line would have followed the contour of the hill at a slant was out, what was needed was a set of stairs and the track had to duck under the stairs.







Patio and stairs











Building the stairs provided extra fill which was deposited in the vicinity of “Muot”.







Extra fill





What needed to be tackled next was the retaining wall behind “Preda”. Result: more fill.







Retaining wall under construction






“Tunnel” for the railway. One row of slabs can easily be removed to gain access to the track that runs below .... just in case of a derailment at an inconvenient location. The tunnel is on a slight grade towards “Muot” to provide proper drainage.






The red line indicates the approximate position of the line






Yet more fill from the building of the retaining wall on the “Muot” side. The two Huskies are good at digging, getting them to dig in the right place is another problem.






Shortly after finishing the second retaining wall in Fall of 2007 the first snow hit the ground.









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