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Since this track is used at Samedan (indoors) the ties are cut from Pine and Larch. Cutting happens on the table saw and the band saw, that results in the desired texture. Stained as per usual.


The rail is the usual Llagas Code215 nickel silver profile. Spikes are from Micro Engineering.


For the track that is used on dioramas I also use Code215 tie plates from Ozark Miniatures. 






Jigs and Gauges






To place the ties I made up a jig from a length of 2x4 lumber. Long enough for the number of ties that can be easily picked up with masking tape and transferred to strips of 1/2” Styrofoam used as road bed. WeldBond is used as adhesive.


















To place the tie plates - only used on diorama sections - I made up a fixture.
























The next sequence shows the workflow.










































For everyday use in a staging yard one can just as soon forget about the tie plates, even if the track is at eye level.









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