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Fortification (Burg)














The Grisons have plenty of castles and fortification. Some still in habitable conditions, others just ruins. However even some of the ruins are now being looked after in a exemplary manner. A case in point is “Greifenstein”, overlooking the town of Filisur.  


Gone are the times when the remains of the fortification were used as a close at hand quarry. Since the Buildings  or what remains of them are fairly compact they make a good example to model. More so since a drawing of the footprint along with a lot of pictures are readily available


Building a replica of “Greifenstein”, or at least a good part of it, is not as far fetched as some of the projects I have seen on other garden layouts.


There are people who believe that there shouldn’t be a garden layout without a castle or ruins thereof. Which is quite a stretch ... that always reminds me of the joke that no layout should be without a camel.




















Styrofoam will be the building material for these ruins. Carving the stone structure should be easy enough then cover it with the special tile cement. Since Filisur isn’t part of the layout the ruins will be located close to Muot overlooking the Albula road.


A bit more than just the lower portion of Greifenstein is called for, but still based on an irregular footprint similar to Greifenstein. There are enough square fortifications on a number of garden layouts.







Basic structure






Placement test






Construction phase





A hefty timber ceiling/floor discourages visitors from climbing the walls.


















Still needs a bit of “aging”. To get at possible “tenants” the piece remains removable. Window openings and shade are a definite attraction for some critters.






Now it was ready .... On the next rainy day, with a few things to Laser cut at the shop, it was time to spray paint. With the paint dry to the touch it was time to brush-paint the stonework.


Walls of fortifications and other ruins are seldom as evenly shaded as the commercially available items. Not to mention the curious stone structure on many of those items.  ;)






























Early one Sunday morning — with the required sunshine — the fortification was set in place.






























Another project off the list!






PS The structure has so far survived one Winter with plenty of snow, lots of rain during Spring 2014 as well as the heat that followed during the Summer.