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Concrete Pipes for Loads






Loads on vehicles are popular themes. In this case it is concrete piping as used in the construction of sewer lines. The rawmaterial is 3/4” electrical tubing as found in the “big Box” stores. I cut them to length and then turn the required recesses to be able to join the pipes end to end.


Next paint the pieces inside and out with gray sandable primer as used for bodywork. The finish will have a slight texture, perfect for the intended purpose. Once that coat is dry use white primer and spray it from a considerable distance to create the speckled highlights of the pre-cast pipes.












Spray inside and outside with sandable primer as used in the bodyshop. Depending on the make of primer you will get more or less texture on the pipes.












To get efficient action set the pipes vertically on a piece of styrofoam.











Texture after the application of the white primer, enough distance from the job will result in the primer being almost dry when it reaches the target and the spray diffused enough to be a light mist.












In order to keep the pipes upright on the styrofoam, even when turning the “Lazy Susan” insert toothpicks at an angle to slip inside the pipes.






The real world dimensions of the 1:1 pipes can be obtain from the producers of such goods.









To be continued