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One more tunnel and more rocks







Since the mainline between Seedorf and BergŁn is on the short side — only 5.4m between the respective turnouts — and I’m a firm believer that one shouldn’t be able to see from one station to the next, a visual barrier was in order. Hills, mountains and ridges are prime candidates. Since the ridge will abruptly end (at the walkway along the layout), it is only a half-ridge. In German the locale is known as “Halbergrat” with the “Halbergrat Tunnel” piercing it. The abrupt end consists of structured-surface concrete blocks, the same blocks are used for the tunnel — smooth side in..


Additionally it needed plenty more rocks, crusher and other gravel, followed by the usual mix of dirt, crusher and peat moss.


Many people often mention that a picture is worth a thousand words ..........


























































































Not enough food or cover yet for the buck who migrated from “BergŁn Ota” to the “Halbergrat”.