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Scratch building RhB signals.







Is that worthwhile? Certainly! Especially if one needs quite a quantity of them. What comes first, as always, is a proper drawing.

The impetus for the project was the weather — windfall had felled one of the LGB signals on a RhB Forum member’s layout and he was looking for a more RhB prototypical replacement. I still have a good selection of the HOm RhB signals from Bänninger on hand and used those for the first dimensions. Keith then looked for suitable material and built a first test sample. With his materials list I adjusted the drawings as required, with slight deviations from the type he used as his prototype.

Naturally we had a close look at all the commercial samples that are available in 1:22.5 scale. The article in GARTENBAHNprofi 6/2007 was a great help.







Drawing of the different types










Test mast







The parts for the first mast were cut one by one and then assembled . Since we need at least fifty signals it was advisable to build an assembly fixture to speed the process.







Assembly fixture with ejection plate ...






... two more test samples











To be continued