Storage Shed 2 Index

The revised design












It took a bit of fiddling and adjusting here and there - ít was almost like working in the LGB design office - until it looked right. Three-quarter views are just not as good as the square-on variety, but “in der Not frisst der Teufel Fliegen”.












The roof has been simplified.












The number of roof joists has been adjusted (reduced), this will require hand-fitting the corner joists.












Test sample made from styrene.


















Fixture and tool to produce standing seam roofing using cookie sheet aluminum as raw material.












The original shape of the tool generates a round seam, in order to get a more pointed seam I tried a pizza cutter ... and then decided to modify the original tool. Half the story when scratch building is seeing the possibilities of “stuff” even if it is intended for a completely different application.












Next was the staining test. Using two of the surplus walls I applied the first coat - the Minwax designation is “Driftwood”. The next coat is called “Slate”, this was applied less evenly to leave the “Driftwood” shine through to some extent.












The difference between artificial and natural light is quite evident from the two pictures.












”First Generation” shed, the roof joists are spray painted with automotive primer.













To be continued