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Drawings and reference sources







Reference pictures are collected from the Internet and from Google Earth (Panoramio). All reference data for each of the buildings gets stored in a separate folder on the computer. Google Earth was also used to get the approximate dimensions of the foot print at the roof outlines (this applies to most of the buildings).


The exact footprint at the foundation level is determined in the GIS mapping application for the Grisons.

















The walls are made from EasyBoard, a material that is used in the construction trade as a replacement for the cement backer boards. It can be cut with a utility knife, is unaffected by water. Scoring of the required outlines is done on the laser machine in our shop.


The walls are coated with a special cement to simulate the smooth stucco surface, the windows, which are inset, are milled and cut from acrylic on our CNC router. The window frames are cut on the laser machine.


The roofs are machined from ABS or PVC. The door will be cut on the laser.









to be continued