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As mentioned the track has a Code215 profile. Starting out with brass - unfortunately that source dried up - and then switching to the nickel silver profile from Llagas Creek. The nickel silver is harder than the brass and the filing and sawing takes more effort. But the milling is just as easy.











Comparison Code215 and Code332 (LGB)







The tie strips are made by Terog in Canada. The pitch between ties is fairly close to the RhB pitch. The difference in the simulated wood grain is quite noticeable.


Prior to threading the profile into the tie strips I deburr and champfer the ends on the benchgrinder using a wire wheel.











Prepped for easy threading







The profile fits snuggly in the tie strips, the track gauge conforms to  NEM-MOROP Norm 310 .






Then the Terog ties ran out and the supplier wasn’t really interested to have a large batch rerun since he didn’t supply the rail anymore. Part of the constant changes in the hobby.


Which meant switching to the Llagas Creek ties and finding out that their profile fits much more tightly in the tie strips - apparently precisely the reason why most of the users order the track ready-assembled.


But there has to be a better way! Design and build one more fixture ...







Assembly fixture





Deburr the rail really well ...


... and use plenty of WD 40 during assembly. That works very nicely.