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Now came the challenge to combine two different elements. Firstly a new pond, complete with a tributary, filter unit and .... there is always yet more thing to add. Secondly rerouting the railway line incorporating the changed water features. Luckily I’m seldom in a real hurry with building the layout, otherwise I would have had the same problem that I read about quite frequently. How often does one notice to late that the next step in the thgought process would have meant a better solution.


In my case there’s always “draw first, then contemplate it for a considerable time” ..... that’s how I came to the conclusion that the RhB doesn’t run in circles and the small closed loop around the lake was out.




Intermediate plan with a continuous loop around the lake.


The better solution ... “Seedorf” will, apart from the stream through the village, gain two industrial sidings. Preferable to a continuous loop.


“Seedorf” is strictly freelanced, execution will be the determining factor to project the feel of the Albula valley.




Modified trackplan and scenery features around “Seedorf”


The next step is the stream through “Seedorf”, followed by the cascades between “Preda” and “Seedorf” and then on to laying track.



The “BergŁn” and “Thusis” section needed a bit more fine tuning












Since staging at this end was named “Thusis” it was time to rename the other end to “Samedan”. The sequence of the stations is now “Samedan”, “Preda”, “Muot”, “Seedorf”, “BergŁn”, “Thusis”. If and when additional stations will be added between “BergŁn” and “Thusis” remains to be seen.















The overall plan with the overall dimensions.





PS “Thusis” has been renamed to “Filisur”! Using the graphic timetable from the RhB made the penny