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The Waterfall







Roadbed and tunnels in place meant building the falls. The required pump, filter had been ordered earlier and tried out.







test of the pump in the lake with a free unobstructed flow.






The filter unit for the falls.





At full delivery the water is plentiful. The picture shows the course of the planned waterfall, starting at the upper tier of the garden. To channel the water in a more manageable fashion was best handled by having an extra catch basin with a restricted outflow. Easy enough to do with a few items from the plumbing department.








Modified catch basin






Testing the catch basin






Protection pipe for the feeder hos to the filter unit






Plenty of water






Connection to the filter unit





Rocks were added. Instead of using a pond liner similiar to the construction of the streambed, I decided to take the chance and use the concrete and gravel method in order to avoid the cumbersome camouflaging of the liner. it took a few attempts to get the water to flow in the desired general direction without escapes into the surrounding area.








PThe exact number of tons of rock placed in the waterfall area has not been calculated. but it will take a few more rocks around the catchbasin. Just as soon as a suitable rim support has been built for same. On the schedule for 2009.



















Water from the Kreuzberg.













There is an impressive flow if the full pump delivery is routed to the top. Too much for everyday use! In order to regulate the flow a Y-valve has been inserted slightly below the surface of the lake, this allows for good regulation without restricting the flow from the pump. During the winter season the full flow is re-circulated through the pond, generating enough turbulence to prevent the pond from freezing over even in a cold winter. Two birds with one stone, requiring minimal maintenance.






WaterfallTest5 from HJ on Vimeo