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The right equipment makes things go easier, quicker and better.





Probably a cliche, but one that holds more than a bit of truth! Naturally one can build nice models working at the kitchen table using simple hand tools, but having better equipment along with some machinery makes the jobs go a lot easier.







Plan of the hobby workshop






Worktable 1 with home-built drawers. These can be moved to the different work stations i.e. milling machine, lathe or drill press






The glass “surface plate” used to be the front of an ancient TV






The workbench with the vise was built back in 1973. There’s a cabinet above it and a set of drawers underneath. Right beside that bench there are more drawers as well as the storage areas above and underneath the Staging yard.






An additional work table is near the milling machine.






A milling machine is a very handy addition to a workshop, the uses are too numerous to list.






The same goes for the lathe ..... .....






.... and the drill press






Storage for small parts .....






... and small profiles






Small sheets of styrene are sorted in a filing system






A selection of soldering implements






More drawers, going as high as is practical. And a very important part of the workshop, dustpan and brush to clean up the mess.





The workshop undergoes almost constant change and additions. There is always yet one more new idea to be implemented.