Upgrades to the Ender 3

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Upgrades to the Ender 3

Postby HJM » Sun May 05, 2019 10:11 am

Quite some time back I printed:

2 filament guides, sound damper for that beeper, covers for the back of the control console, ducts for the wiring leading to the control console, cover/vent for the electronics case, adaptor box to use SD cards instead of the microSDs, better knob for the control dial. That and the silicone dampers in lieu of the table springs along with the glass print table kept things rolling.

This past week it was time to replace the extruder with an all-metal model and get that silicone sock for the hot-end.
Since the first one of the glass plates starts to wear I ordered one more as well.

In contrast to the 3.85mm thickness the new one is only 3.81mm. My first reaction: What a PITA! Three days later when getting the PETG to "behave" the Eureka moment! The 0.04mm difference are perfect for PETG! Sure enough no muss and/or fuss changing between PETG and PLA.


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