Questions about LGB, fidelity, and all that jazz.

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Questions about LGB, fidelity, and all that jazz.

Postby Josh U » Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:31 pm


So - recent member and lurker here on the board... by way of quick introduction, I'm Josh - midwest (US) raised, now in California. Have been a diehard 1:20.3 Colorado Narrow gauge modelers for well over 10 years. That phase of my life ended along with several other components in 2011 (the house, the car, the ex, etc). :roll: On to rebirth - I have found myself newly captivated by the RhB - specifically the modern diesel and electric locomotives, MOW, and passenger operations. I've been trolling the tinter-webs for sometime now, and purchasing various texts (not to mention sucking up all of the great data HJ has released here and there)... but I've come to an impasse... and this brings me to my post here today.

My goal is to model scale - or close to scale - the various equipment on the line. For years, as a 1:20.3 modeler - though it was part of the "large scale" family, I have always disregarded LGB as a "toy" - now that I move towards 1:22.5 modeling I have been trying to give it a second look.

The question is simply (but the answer, I'm sure is not).

Are any LGB RhB cars accurate "models"? To qualify that statement - I understand there is a level of detail that may or may not be present - but the basics... car length and window count are key to me. To start - by reading HJ's "does it measure" PDFs (Which I found online one night, and have now apparently lost again) I believe I am correct in stating that at least one model of LGB RhB Baggage car is pretty "close" - even "good" if I recall correctly.

Other than that, my understanding is that the A1271/A1272 cars from LGB are the only "correct" passenger cars when it comes to length and window count? (I'm having hard times finding 'production' rosters, but it appears that LGB has made this car in both red and green with different road numbers, but in the strictest sense someone modeling the RhB would only have two cars of this type to be accurate?!)

Obviously my goal is to assemble a rake of passenger wagons (or two trains even) that accurately portray car length - thus it seems that a baggage car, and one or two LGB coaches are all that I'm able to use when modeling modern passenger trains without using "compressed" rolling stock? (I'm thinking that 1980's on counts as "modern" in this scenario.) To add to the consist, I should look to the "non-compressed" KISS center door coaches as acceptable options, correct?

Sorry to be so inquisitive - I've got a bedroom full of books, plans, prints, and other data on US narrow gauge - but at the moment I have exactly one magazine about the RhB, so I'm trying to get up to speed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'm glad to be aboard!

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Postby HJM » Fri Jan 18, 2013 5:16 pm


there's always a way, not necessarily the easy way but ..... the "secret" is kitbashing. In my usual snarky fashion I like to bash LGB :twisted: :roll: :twisted:

Take two of the shortened LGB EW coaches, cut, splice and insert new window bands

BTW with the leftovers I plan to do some of the rebuilt cars that RhB built prior to going big time with the EW1. I just need to get my butt in gear. :oops: :oops:

The Kiss Center-Doors are to scale, but they need a few improvements as far as production quality goes.


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Re: Questions about LGB, fidelity, and all that jazz.

Postby Josh U » Thu Apr 02, 2020 10:24 am

Well... :))

Seven years and a few months later... it's fun to look back at this!

Just thought you guys might like a little before/after action... as young, naive Josh was so worried about fidelity, and modern MOW equipment to boot... this is what 87 months will get you!

The OEM stuff...


As it stands today...


Imagine what I will have at the 10-year mark!
(The answer, is three possibly completed cars! LOL =)) )

Cheers all. Stay safe out there!
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Re: Questions about LGB, fidelity, and all that jazz.

Postby Paul S » Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:34 pm

;) My Om started around the same time and similarly I have one completed conversion to show for it :)
I did sneak in a couple of Nm9 layouts though :)
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