Figures and Vehicles





Selecting figures








This is where that ugly “G” term rears its many sized head, again!


Some will maintain that real world people come in all different shapes and sizes, true enough, but the proportions follow more or less a certain convention.


No, I’m not talking about giants and/or dwarfs; capturing the “normal, usual, run-of-the-mill common” stuff tends to look more like the everyday scenes in the real world.


Apart from that, it is bad enough that the scales of commercial structures are all over the map - precisely the reason we scratch build to suit - fitting a multitude of “scale” figures is more than just a challenge. And it restricts the placement of either item.


The easy way to “get it right”, that starts at the store, have a sample figure in the proper scale in your pocket.


1:22.5 scale figures are available from several manufacturers in variable qualities. Very good quality, with a corresponding price tag, are the items from Preiser. In the same line but slightly less expensive are the items from Pola. 


Chinese copies are less expensive, but best bought unpainted since the painted variety is far below par.


Mixing figures from the different producers — there are plenty more — is best done on a case by case basis. The styles differ, the eras differ, the provenance differs etc. etc. 


Using figures the are intended for large scales or smaller scales e.g. 1:24 which has a lot of figures to go with the large selection of cars in that scale, works as long as it isn’t placed right beside a 1:22.5 item. Yes, the 10% difference is quite noticeable — at least to my eye.


And one last note, changing and repainting figures can be the other way to get unique results.






Selecting vehicles







Finding 1:22.5 road vehicles turns out to be a real job. Lots of the 1:24 variety and just as many in 1:18, but 1:22.5 ....? Just a few.


The 10% smaller versions will work as long as there are no 1:22.5 reference points close by, including figures.


Since these items are to be out in the weather it is best to stick to the diecast models. Here again, there are many different producers with qualities that differ along with the price range. Customizing with a bit of paint on the details works wonders, as does making up license plates that fit the situation.









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