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Ladder Roadbed Preda - Muot - Seedorf (2)





In order to get the roadbed into the proper vertical position at the calculated incline for the different section a level that can be switched to displaying the grades in % is very handy. These items were slow in arriving in Canada, so I ordered mine through a good friend in the USA. The level I ordered is relatively short (10”) and lends itself very well to check the super-elevation in curves even in modestly narrow cuts.







Level with % readout






Quick-release clamps





Looks like one could never have too many of the quick-release clamps, they are very handy and 12 of them did a fine job.


For the unavoidable tight places there are the spring loaded clamps.







Spring loaded clamps.






Building from both directions in the vicinity of the planned tunnels under the waterfalls.











Progress at Seedorf on the Main and the siding. To get all of it in the same plane constant checking of length- and cross direction is recommended.







Roadbed at Seedorf






Roadbed at Muot





Same applies in Muot, the outer strips are always mounted first, makes mounting the rest very easy without having to revert back to what was mounted first.







Center reference post for the big turnback curve at Muot





Setting the centre post doesn’t take much, clearing all the material which is in the way takes a bit longer. The first uprights and roadbed strips are installed.







First impression of the grade in the turnback curve and the connection from the Seedorf end.













Now is the time for the fine adjustments and the start of placing fill inside that curve.












Measure, adjust, measure, adjust and then once more ... measure, adjust. .Careful work at this stage will pay dividends in the long run!











And then it’s back to shovelling more fill, carry more rocks. The turnback loop swings around a mountain and for a large portion of the curve it will be on a viaduct, The larger than usual distances between the uprights give an indication of the width of the spans.









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