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Preparations at BergŁn






The location of BergŁn is sloped in two directions, away from the house and also from the back to the front. The slope was too much to use as scenic features, especially since “Thusis” aka end of the line staging will be close by.


Too much vegetation started filling in; all of it needs to be gone.






























In essence what was needed: a retaining wall!


Having learned my lesson from the first wall over at Preda - yes, it will be rebuilt to better specifications! - this one has enough tilt into the slope that it will stay as intended.


The curved section on the “Seedorf” side will be built next Spring, there were too many really nice days to go railfanning and video filming to work on mundane stuff like a retaining wall.












The curly willow was taken down, all that remains is a stump; a lot of debris and the dog house were shipped to the landfill (dump).











The fun can begin come June 1012. the rest of the retaining wall and then a major relocation of gravel, dirt and rock to build one more mountain.






May and June 2012 were very wet, the progress on the rest of the retaining wall was slow and sporadic.











Sixteen 127 L Leafbags came out of the Thusis and BergŁn area. Brush, weeds, needles and decomposed mulch.











Then the “fun” could start anew, one of the neighbours wanted to get rid of round river rock. That was the start of the fill in the BergŁn neighbourhood.











Quite a bit of fill was left from digging to build the retaining wall.









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