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The surroundings






While clearing all the rubbish, it was time to seriously consider replacing the rickety fence the previous owner installed many years ago and which was the “El Cheapo” kind even when it was installed. Since the fence needed to be stepped the panel size that is intended for gates was the right fit. Ground spikes were used for the posts, rather than digging holes and concrete.





















The fence is higher and the lattice work at the bottom will keep the dogs in the garden without any greenery to make it “Husky proof” through obstruction.











Cresta Ota in the building stage with aggregated fill and delivered rocks.










Back to benchwork and roadbed construction






Then it was time to get back to other matters. Installing the benchwork for Thusis was next on the list.









The method is the same as on the elevated section between Samedan and Preda. Ground spikes with 4x4 posts, there were some leftover pieces of 4x4 cedar which made a good start.











2x6 PT boards installed as the joists and all carefully leveled.











Spacers were added and then the 3/4” plywood fastened on top.











There was plenty of measuring, checking, double checking and triple checking involved in order to keep the grades from Thusis through BergŁn over to Seedorf at the proper levels.











The first thing to lay out was the mainline, the rest would be spaced off that according to the track plan.











Connecting the main to the Seedorf feeder











All of the PVC pipes are placed, if the weather cooperates the TREX could be installed, but it has rained for the past four days, so that project is on hold.









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