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The Waterfall Tunnels







The “sub-strata” are the “ElCheapo” concrete blocks that the local supplier flogs in second quality at bargain prices, but before those were placed there was other work to do i.e. the roadboad needed to be in place.


I like it solid, but not quite that solid to end up with a huge concrete mass in the garden which could only be removed by using a jackhammer.







The inexpensive concrete blocks come in some unusual colour, typical indication of second grade. To keep them in place rebar is driven into the ground through the hollows in the blocks and then filled with concrete. Solid but not too solid.













To be on the safe side the clearances get checked with the Kiss coach - the longest peice of rollingstock on the railway. That prevents the nasty surprises which are best avoided. The “roof” of the tunnel consits of another inexpensive item from the building supplier: concrete sidewalk slabs.






























After this it was time to cart and carry more rocks.











The Muot Tunnel






Same type of construction with minor modifications in the centre portion in order to maintain the clearances to the Muot passing track. Sidewalk slabs on edge in lieu of the concrete blocks.



Blocks and slabs are in place, the track in the tunnel is down and the two cars are for size comparison.














To allow for better drainage in the tunnel, gravel was placed at the bottom, topped off with crusher fines.







Floor of tunnel





The landscaper moved in as soon as the “roof” was on.






Rocks, soil, trees and shrubs change the look of  the landscape in a hurry. The tunnel portals will follow later on, along with the how-to write-up.

















The transition to the existing creek was filled in with rock and more soil. The goat barn tried on for proper placing. The steep sides to the existing creek bed had to be remodeled as well.









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