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Located by the station in Surava.


A big Thank You to Andreas Cadosch who had the first two pictures in his collection.






























The two pictures above I grabbed from two slides I grabbed from the train back in 1985.





















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This is the first wooden Laser kit


















The walls are straight forward, the roof started out with proper trusses, but .... I soon realized that they wouldn’t be sturdy enough in the long run. The roof would probably sag after some time in the garden.


The re-design is sturdy enough to get away with a thinner roof.






After the first sample was standing on the work bench it just didn’t look right. Whoever did the drawing in “Die Modell-Eisenbahn” applied a lot of artistic licence. In two words “Not good enough!”


Tine to look for the proper, accurate (or more accurate) information. As mentioned above Andreas Cadosch had some pictures in his collection which were a great help to redo the drawings. The two small cut-outs from some video footage did the rest. The actual footprint was measured on the GR-GIS site. While not 100% perfect, it is as good as it gets short of hopping on a plane and measuring on location.


As Glenn A reported and documented on the RhB/Swiss Trains forum the structure was just recently renovated.









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