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Scratchbuilt structures of Grison prototypes






Is a railway in the garden a “model railway” as soon as the rolling stock follows a certain prototype but the structures and accessories  are a wild accumulation of different types from different regions?


Possibly close enough for a “toy railway”, but quite a stretch to call it a “model”.


The respective suppliers offer quite a selection of “alpine” structures and some of them even try to replicate specific structures, most of them in immediate proximity to the railway. In short, structures patterned on Grison prototypes are relatively rare and those in 1:22.5 scale are even rarer. 


That leaves plenty of room for scratchbuilding using real structures to build 1:22.5 models. The following are intended as an incentive and aid to such projects.


The projects are divided into different categories; general agricultural buildings, utilitarian buildings, residental buildings and general RhB structures. In addition specific buildings for specific locations on our layout.






General structures








Various agricultural buildings



Utility buildings



Residental buildings



General RhB structures



Historical remains







Location specific structures








Structures at “Preda”




Structures at “Naz”




Structures at “Seedorf”




Structures at BergŁn







Drawings and reference materials







Reference pictures are collected from the Internet and from Google Earth (Panoramio). All reference data for each of the buildings gets stored in a separate folder on the computer. Google Earth was also used to get the approximate dimensions of the foot print at the roof outlines (this applies to most of the buildings).


The exact footprint at the foundation level is determined in the GIS mapping application for the Grisons.