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Progress keeps on rolling i.e. what needed to be accomplished with conventional tools e.g. manual milling machines, lathes, engravers etc.etc. can now be supplemented by fully automatic machines which will do all the operations ..... once one acquires the skills to program the machines.


Yes, the “ as soon as “ factor is always present with tech tools in the mix. The listing is in the order the machines were acquired.






Epilog Helix Laser








It’s the industrial size: 24" x 18" (610 x 457 mm)! Positioning parts on a diagonal will squeeze out extra length e.g for the EW 1.5 window strips or the R-w frame parts.







New Wave CNC Shark















3D Printers








The “Go to” solution for many 3D parts, be it the FDM or the Resin process. Since the prices tumbled and keep on tumbling, what’s not to like? Perhaps the only handicap is learning 3D design.











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